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But being a normal guy in today’s world is actually not a “good”

                                              Let me explain

          According to a recent study done by the LendingClub, 61% of

          Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

          And sadly, I was no different.

          I was on the verge of being dead broke.

          Even though I went to college, and landed a job as a high school

          music teacher, the student debt, the car payments, the
          unexpected expenses of everyday life

          ...and then my wife getting laid off from her job really made it

          almost impossible for us to stay a oat.

          I’m sure you can relate on some level.

          But to make matters even more di cult, my daughter Skyla, had
          a medical condition that required her to take an expensive


          ...that was only partially covered by my insurance through my


          I tried the best I could to  nd a way to generate extra income to

          help support our family, and most importantly, afford the

          medication for my daughter.

          I worked odd jobs during the summer “off” time from my

          teaching job, but it still wasn’t bringing in enough money.

          Next, I tried to make extra money from the internet.
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