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P. 12

As I wiped my face off, I noticed my family, friends, neighbors, and
        even some co-workers of mine gathering behind me to see what

        was going on.

        I continued to head toward the tow truck driver and yelled that

        “there must be some sort of mistake”,

        but all he did was turn his head out of the driver side window,

        smile at me with his evil looking grin,

        and say “Should have made your car payment, buddy”.

        He then tore out of there, along with my car dragging behind his

        truck, scraping the bumper on the side of the curb as he left.

        As I turned to face the crowd of people behind me, I felt as if I

        wanted to crawl into a hole, and die.

                     But what came next was the worst part.

        My daughter came running out of the house saying:

        “Daddy, daddy…”

        “My medicine was inside the car!”

        She was crying hysterically, because without her medicine,

        she would develop incredibly painful migraines, and sometimes,

        would even have seizures.

        She looked at me and said…

        “Daddy, am I going to die?” as she wept.

        In her little world, all she understood was that she was sick, and

        the medicine is what was making her better.
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