Page 11 - The Wealth Genome (Tim) : Flip It & Read It
P. 11

It was during Christmas break.

        We have a few weeks off from work, and every year, we have a

        party at our house.

        We invite our friends, family and co-workers over to have food,

        drinks and basically just have a good time.

        I went to grab some pizzas, and when I came back with the food, I

        went into the house to ask someone to help me carry them in.

        As I went back outside, I was shocked to see a tow truck, lifting

        the front wheels of my car off the ground.

        “Hey, what are you doing?”

        “Stop!” I shouted, as I ran toward the truck.

        I slipped and fell face  rst into a huge gaping hole of muddy water.
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