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P. 9

But ultimately, their  nancial stress caused them to get a

          However, my dad did go on to remarry, and even started his own

          business, which surprisingly, started to make him a lot of


          The problem was, he was working almost 80 hours a week,

          and ultimately contributed to him having a heart attack and

          passing away.

                   Now, this is where things get interesting…

          Because even though what happened to me next was the most

          humiliating thing to ever happen to me,

          it led me down a path that eventually let me discover how to

          effortlessly create wealth, using something hidden deep within
          our own body.

          Something that has long been forgotten…


          Or possibly, even intentionally covered up.

          It’s something anyone can do, and it only takes a few minutes to

          activate it.

          It has worked for me, my family, my friends… and now I’m
          starting to share it with the rest of the world.
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