Page 13 - The Wealth Genome (Tim) : Flip It & Read It
P. 13

My heart broke at that very moment.

        I’ve never felt more embarrassed, and disappointed in myself…

        I couldn’t even take care of my own family, and now, everyone was

        there to witness it  rst hand.

        “No, sweetheart, don’t worry, we’ll get your medicine back

        tomorrow” I said trying to calm her down.

        Then, as if things couldn’t be any worse, out of the corner of my

        eye, I noticed a few people across the street,

        some teenage boys laughing and pointing at me, while recording
        me with their phone.

        I recognized one of them, it was someone who was always getting

        in trouble at our school.

        I just ignored them, hoping they’d lose interest and go  nd

        something else to do.

        After having my entire manhood ripped out of me, I turned to face

        my guests and walked back into my house.

        They tried to make me feel better by saying things like, “Don’t

        worry, I’m sure it was a mistake.”

        But I knew deep down, it wasn’t.

        I did only miss one payment, but the truth was, I was starting to

        fall behind on my bills.
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